In Creation, God has made all things in an orderly manner.  Through the knowledge given by God to man, he has been able to discover some of this order and describe it using math.  In Foundations of Math 11 we hope to discover some of this for ourselves and see the beauty in Creation.  The math you learn in school is often a learning process of intermediate steps to what we would consider "useful” math.  This math is meant to prepare the student for a wide variety of occupational fields needing further learning at the university and college level.  Let's work and learn together to obtain our personal goals in our service to God.

Course Outline

1.    Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

2.    Prorperties of Angles and Triangles

3.    Acute Triangle Trigonometry

4.    Oblique Triangle Trigonometry 

5.     Statistical Reasoning

6.     Systems of Linear Inequalites

7.     Quadratic Functions and Equalities

8.     Mathematics of Finance