In art 10, a greater amount of time is spent on several basic areas: paintings, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and 3-D work. A more advanced degree of technical skills in producing art will be expected. Also you will be guided to appreciate, analyze and discuss artistic efforts of other artists in history.

The very first thing we know about God in His Word (Genesis 1) is that He is a creator, the master artist... "and God saw all that He had made and it was good". What a privilege we have to share in and reflect on God's creative handiwork in the visual arts. 

Having completed several art classes in previous years, you will be introduced to a more advanced and mature approach in your art work. The number of media explored will be in the areas of ceramics, painting, printing and art history.

The main purpose of art is to praise and glorify God, and use your creativity to the best of your ability.

 Course goals:

You will show growing ability in the basic art skills such as: 

  • Drawing
  • Ceramics-clay
  • Painting

 You also will show an understanding of the art concepts; 

Elements of art:                                Principles of art: 

Line                                          Pattern-Repetition-Rhythm

Shape-Form                              Contrast-Variety

Space                                       Movement

Texture                                      Balance

Value-Tone                                Emphasis

Colour                                       Unity-Harmony 

You will show an awareness of art history and an appreciation of its past and present value in society.